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Shane McKenzie, Sam W. Anderson and Frank Lauria at this Year's StokerCon in Las Vegas

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Zombies, Demons and Cult Members, Oh My!
Grey Matters by Daniel Donnelly

Grey Matters: A Zombie Novel

By Daniel Donnelly

Ten years have passed since the GreyMatter nano-virus swept across the planet, leaving in its wake billions of dead. Now, two new species outnumber the remaining human population: the mindless walking dead and intelligent Grey Matter Zoms.

Demonology: The Book of Gabriel by Elizabyth Burtis

Demonology: The Book of Gabriel

by Elizabyth Burtis

Many people choose to fight their personal demons…Gabriel’s demons chose to fight him. The former exorcist enjoyed a quiet life until he met Oliver Fitzpatrick and his strange sister. With his life is unraveling he is flung into a world of demons and dark magic…

First Cabin by David Aldridge

First Cabin

By David R. Aldridge
In the novella First Cabin Dan Street loses his sales job on Christmas Eve, meets an intriguing stranger in a bar, and wakes up hours later on a one-way charter flight to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. He’s surrounded by true believers, on their way to meet God.

Great books for young readers

NYC Cat, 50 States of Cats, © 2015, Ted Meyer

50 States of Cats

Praised by adults for its sly humor and kids of all ages for engaging portraits of kitties, Ted Meyer’s 50 States of Cats takes readers on a fully illustrated, offbeat and hilarious state by state exploration of the USA.

Cats in Space, Cats Around the World, © 2015, Ted Meyer

Cats Around the World

Ted Meyer’s Cats Around the World is a hilarious and irreverent look at the quirks and cultural nuances of dozens of countries around the world–all from the point of view of our furry friends.