Frank Lauria is back with a whole new case of the the BLUES

Get ICE CITY BLUE by FRANK LAURIA (Rothco Press 2021) out now!
A contemporary of Burroughs and Jack Kerouac, Frank Lauria uses his beat era influences, along with travel experiences on freighters to Morocco, and decades of research on the roots, forms and rites of occult sciences in Italy and the Middle East to inform the Doctor Orient character. The result has been described by readers as “Indiana Jones meets Allen Watts” and “Siddhartha meets Sam Spade” with Lauria’s main character mixing eastern mysticism with hard boiled detective sensibilities in his adventures with relic hunters, dangerous women, spies, telepaths and nazis. In addition to his latest title, Ice City Blues, Lauria’s other works include Fog City Blues, Chinatown Blues, Melody Dawn and the Dr. Orient book series which includes: Demon Pope, Raga Six, Baron Orgaz, The Priestess, Dr. Orient, The Seth Papers, Lady Sativa and Blue Limbo and are available via our friends at Open Road Media. You can also hear Frank’s Art Rock band Uncle Frank and the Co-Defendants. Their debut “Lost in the Underground” is available now.