“The Sentimental Assassin” by Sam W. Anderson Book Trailer (2021)

Jo Martindale is a human weapon. A high ranking martial artist, a state-champion wrestler, and a weapons expert, she’s angry enough at life that killing a few sleezy criminals doesn’t much bother her. Except for this time. This target isn’t just another shady character she’s never heard of or only met in passing. This time, it’s a former lover that lured her to The Money Run and put her life on a detour from which she’d never recover.  In a remote shack on the Dakota plains, Jo must confront her assignment, her past and lost opportunities. And, for once, she’s not sure she can finish the job.

“With an edge that will cut through bone and a handle rough with authenticity, SENTIMENTAL ASSASSIN is a big, bad knife designed to pierce your heart before you know you’ve been stabbed. Sam W. Anderson adds even more depth and dimension to his addictive Money Run universe with this robust novella. If you’ve been here before, you have some inkling of what’s in store for you. If you haven’t, you’ll be back for more when you’re done. This one is outfuckingstanding.” — Ray Garton, author of “Live Girls and Meds”

* * * * *

Dorothy never had it so good—or so twisted, so violent, so fun. Look behind this curtain with Sam W. Anderson. The real Oz is waiting for you.” Stephen Graham Jones, Bram-Stoker Award winning author of “Mongrels” and “Mapping the Interior.”

* * * * *

Sam W. Anderson’s prose sizzles, it snaps and crackles in this twenty-first century joyride through an underworld murderous and grotesque.  From its high-octane beginning, in which the sentimental assassin of the title, on her way to murder an old flame, is ambushed by her former love, the plot roars along with eight cylinder force.  As with the best noir, though, The Sentimental Assassin asks fundamental questions about love, loyalty, and betrayal.  I can’t wait for what’s next.” – John Langan, author of “The Fisherman.”

* * * * *

“Sam W. Anderson’s The Sentimental Assassin is a precision-tuned high crime thriller that starts in high gear and doesn’t let up until the very last turn. It’ll leave you breathless!” John Palisano, Bram Stoker Award-Winning author of Ghost Heart, President of The Horror Writers Association

“Edgy, irreverent, and decidedly R-rated, The Sentimental Assassin pinballs through many years in the life of Jo Martindale, Julliard-hopeful-turned-ass-kicking-killer. Anderson serves up plenty of choice material, from the soulless, hypnotic villain Deacon Rice to an anarchistic rebel group trying to stop Rice and his underground crime empire. With gut-tightening violence, hard-boiled dialogue, and…yes…midget tossing!…Anderson crafts an entertaining tale that, at turns, is hysterical, profane, and profound. Not for the faint of heart, but for those of studier constitution, The Sentimental Assassin is one fine read.” – Carter Wilson two-time Colorado Book of the Year Award winner and USA Today bestselling author.

“Sam W. Anderson’s white-hot prose peels away the skin of the American Dream to reveal the dark carnival throbbing beneath. His wickedly poetic dialogue cracks like a bull-whip driving us on a warp-speed thrill-ride through space/time that leaps from the apocalyptic visions of William Burroughs to the cool, cryptic wisdom of William Gibson. Enter Anderson’s universe at your own risk — you won’t come out the same person who stepped in. – Frank Lauria, author Ice City Blues

“This sucka will leave you breathless, all while sometimes making you giggle and two pages later making you cringe with (delight? horror? both?) as we follow Jo on her journey. Well done, Sam! I enjoyed every page – you knocked it outta the park.” – Mau Mau

“It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I read a book where I just keep thinking, “What goes on in the mind of the person who wrote this???” The last time it happened was with GEEK LOVE, but now it’s happened again with THE SENTIMENTAL ASSASSIN. Sam W. Anderson has continued his Money Run stories with this over-the-top, bonkers story of Jo, a human weapon on the toughest job of her life. The literary world needs more writers like Anderson who push past the limits of standard creativity, filling their world with bizarre and memorable characters who are also very human. The world needs more writers like Anderson, and you need The Money Run world in your life.” – Kurt Dinan