A “Mother Load” of an interview with Wendy Adamson

Join host Michelle Waters-Butler as she interviews Wendy Adamson about her new memoir “Mother Load: A Memoir of Addiction, Gun Violence & Finding a Life of Purpose.”

Wendy Adamson has lived many lives and lucky for us, she’s decided to write about them. In her new memoir, Mother Load, Wendy shows us how a little league, PTA mom can get dragged down the rabbit hole of methamphetamine when she has a psychotic break, shoots her husband’s mistress and ends up in county jail. After getting released nearly a year later, Wendy has a stroke of luck when she is taken in by a women and children’s shelter with her youngest son, Rikki. While staying there, Wendy teeters on the edge of sobriety, until she goes to the aid of a young boy whose been shot in a drive-by shooting. This one selfless act will send her life in an entirely different direction. That was over twenty-five years ago and thankfully, Wendy is still sober. For someone who seemed destined to end up a sad statistic of drug addiction, the fact that Wendy not only survived, but is a thriving, productive individual is a testament that transformation is possible.

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