A Trunk Full of Zeroes by Brian Townsley

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A Trunk Full of Zeroes
E-Book ISBN: 978-1-941519-06-6
Print ISBN: 978-1-941519-30-1

A Trunk Full of Zeroes By Brian Townsley

When Sonny Haynes returns to Los Angeles in 1950, much about the city has changed since his departure four years prior. The facts, however, have not. The ex-LAPD officer is still wanted for the murder of his wife and her lover. He’s still disliked by Mickey Cohen, and he’s still needed as surrogate father for the girl he left behind. An ill-fated mission follows, tracking Big Vinnie, the Cohen muscle who he believes set him up, until Sonny is mistakenly given a secret in the last breath of a dying man. It leads him to a cursed and mysterious briefcase that sends him and his surrogate daughter on the run to New Orleans.


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