MELODY DAWN by Frank LauriaAmerica’s Most Wanted Vampire

Melody Dawn by Frank Lauria

Undercover agents Dave Chin and Les Hensen are being stalked by a shadowy pack of killers. And someone inside the FBI is leaking their every move. An attack leaves Dave close to death leaving Les with no options. Either he lets his partner die or he makes a deal with the devil herself. Frank Lauria Returns with the first novel in a new horror series starring America’s most wanted vampire Melody Dawn She’s A Voluptuous Vamp with an appetite blood won’t satisfy until she falls in love with an FBI Agent. He’s being stalked by unseen beasts and she’s being hunted by the Mafia. What could go wrong?

“…Frank Lauria had written the most believable vampire and werewolf stories I have ever read.” – William S. Burroughs

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