pasted-file_med_hrBrian Townsley is a native of Los Angeles.  He received his BA from UC Berkeley & a Master’s of Professional Writing (MPW) from USC.  He won the AWP Intro Award for the poem “Unidentified in Oxford, Georgia, 1908,” and has since published numerous stories, poems and essays in various journals, including Quarterly West, Eclipse, Connecticut Review, Southern California Anthology, Berkeley Poetry Review, and the best of the decade issue by Hawaii Pacific Review, among others.  He is the author of three books of poetry, Everybody Pays, Let the Devil Ride, and Badinfinity, through Guerillalit Press.

He has a series of noir books forthcoming, the first of which will be published by Rothco Press in 2015.  He also teaches at various colleges and universities in the Los Angeles area and works as an editor for Rothco Press.  He lives with his wife and son in the snowy hinterlands of Southern California.

A Trunk Full of Zeroes is his first novel.


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A Trunk Full of Zeros by Brian Townsley

A Trunk Full of Zeroes

By Brian Townsley
Ex-LAPD and muscle-for-hire Sonny Haynes goes on an ill-fated mission of regeneration through violence involving a secret in the last breath of a dying man and a fractal curse contained in a mysterious briefcase.