Author Chesya Burke

Author Chesya Burke

Meet Chesya Burke

Chesya Burke is currently pursuing her PhD in English at University of Florida. In addition, Burke wrote several articles for the African American National Biography in 2008 and she has written and published nearly a hundred fiction pieces and articles within the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Her thesis was on the comic book character, Storm from the X-MEN and her comic, Shiv, is scheduled to debut in 2016. Burke is the Chair of the Board of Directors of Chairs Books and More, one of the oldest feminist book stores in the country, and her story collection, Let’s Play White, is being taught in universities around the country. Poet Nikki Giovanni compared her writing to that of Octavia Butler and Toni Morrison.

"The Strange Crimes of Little Africa" by Chesya Burke. Coming this fall to Rothco Press.

“The Strange Crimes of Little Africa” by Chesya Burke.

The Strange Crimes of Little Africa is a historical mystery, and follows Jaz Idawell on the vibrant, culturally fertile streets of art and literature in 1920s Harlem Renaissance. Idawell, an anthropology student, stumbles upon the realization that she may have to sacrifice her cousin’s freedom when she discovers evidence that her father, the first black traffic cop on the force, may be guilty of murder.  Best friends with the indelible, Zora Neal Hurston, the two women set out to find the truth about their wonderful world of Little Africa—Harlem, New York.

In her spare time, Chesya likes to take selfies, twerk, and write critical critiques on The Walking Dead, True Blood and race, class and gender issues.

You can find more about Chesya on her Chesya Burke page, and her website ( You can read her short story collection, Let’s Play White, or her short story Please Momma.  You can also find her essays on Clarkesworld and her blog.

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The Strange Crimes of Little Africa is her first book from Rothco Press and will be released in the fall of 2015.

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