For Wendy Adamson Mother’s Day is a “Mother Load”

This Mother’s Day Rothco Press is proud to release “Mother Load: A Memoir of Addiction, Gun Violence & Finding a Life of Purpose” by Wendy Adamson

As if her mother’s suicide and doing drugs weren’t enough of a problem, Wendy had to up the stakes by shooting her husband’s mistress in the arm. This turned her life entirely upside down. Psychosis, prison, forgiveness and redemption await Wendy, this Little League, PTA mom, in her riveting new debut memoir being released in time for Mother’s Day.

I headed for the bedroom where I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror. My breath nearly jackknifed. My brown hair was disheveled, the bones in my face were all sharp edges. My eyes were like two dead, vacant pools and my skin was a sallow gray. It was jarring how much I looked like my mother whenever she’d go insane.” Wendy Adamson

Wendy Adamson has lived many lives and lucky for us, she’s decided to write about them. Mother Load,is an intricately woven true story that takes the reader through the heartbreak of early childhood trauma and into life as a young adult where the only way for her to survive was to anesthetize her pain. Thankfully, it wasn’t Wendy’s destiny to become another sad statistic of drug addiction. Instead, she is still here, telling her story of survival and transformation, as she goes on to help countless individuals who also suffer from the repercussions of childhood trauma.

Everyone who either is or knows someone who has been a drug addict, alcoholic, or prescription drug user – and I think that covers all of us – needs to read this book.  Wendy gives you an honest and no holds barred insight into one woman’s struggles with addiction, and what it took to transform herself into the creative and gifted woman she is today.  An amazing and truly inspiring read.” — Hawk Koch- Author, Former President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and Veteran Movie Producer

This 244-page turner is sure to captivate your mind and soul as Wendy candidly exposes her personal undoing, and the long and delicate reassembly it took to put her life back together again.

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