A Mysterious Lighthouse Finds A Legendary Adventurer

Patrick H.T. Doyle

Patrick H.T. Doyle

Meet Patrick H.T. Doyle. Writer, adventurer and paranormal expert seen on The Dark Zone Network and TV’s Ghost Mine. When not investigating haunted locations and solving mysteries all over the globe he writes the EDGAR FONT book series. Adventure One: The Castle Tower Lighthouse is out now from ROTHCO PRESS. We tracked Patrick down in the wilds of the Great White North to ask him about his exciting series.

Hi Patrick, it’s always helpful to get to know someone based on what they read and who their influences are. Who’s your favorite author? What are your favorite books?
I’ve always been drawn to great adventures with the power to take me to places I never knew existed, on this planet or on worlds only found in imagination. My favorite books are those that forced me to stretch my imagination to limits I didn’t know possible. A few of my favorite storytellers are H.G. Wells, Phillip K. Dick, and Jules Verne. Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Time Machine showed me that there are no limits to where adventure can take us as long as our hearts are committed to the journey, no matter how difficult the trail.

But the one book holding strong at the top of my list will surprise most. It’s Harold and the Purple Crayon, by Crockett Johnson. Yes, it’s a children’s book, but it is the adventure responsible for igniting the spark for my love of adventure. And Harold just happens to be one of my middle names.

Other series responsible for hours and days of lost time in my imagination are The Hardy Boys, The Lord of the Rings, and a weekend wasn’t complete without a “choose your own adventure” book (I would of course double back while reading and choose the other option if my adventure ended too soon).

As a kid, what inspired you to become an adventurer?
I was a sponge for stories about cowboys in the Wild West and aliens battling in deep dark space. Growing up my heroes appeared on the big screen with the likes of Luke Skywalker, Buck Rogers, and Indiana Jones. My love for these stories have never faded. I still dream of becoming a space cowboy riding off into the frontier of unexplored galaxies.

What real life explorers most inspire you?
Every explorer who looked at the map of their time and asked, “What else is beyond the borders?” For me it began with the vikings, who sailed by the sun and stars, landing on North America nearly 500 years before Columbus, and my heroes live today as the brave space explorers looking to reach Mars and even more distant planets. I envy the men and women who will one day step foot inside ancient temples on the mysterious read planet.So, in my if’e time I will do all I can to see all the hidden wonders on this planet. Exploration and discovery reminds us that there are no boundaries and that we must continue to ask, “What’s lies beyond the borders of what we know?”

Who do you base your Edgar Font character on?
Edgar was a real person and adventurer who lived many years ago. I never had the pleasure of meeting him when he was alive, but his ghost has visited me many times. It was he who came to me in a dream and told me where to locate the hidden journal, which contained the hand written stories and illustrations recorded back when Edgar and his grandkids, Audrey and Garrett, traveled all over the globe in search of the house he would one day haunt. The books in the Edgar Font series are in fact taken from that journal.

What different real-life locations inspired your book?
We were given two legs to travel over land. We invented machines to travel further faster. And we continue to create new ways to expand our reach. Our minds need to explore. They demands to experience all this world has to offer. Like Edgar Font I am passionate about traveling to places with names I can’t pronounce and meeting people with amazing stories to tell. I have explored locations all over the world in search of adventure and have found sites not located on maps and walked in the footsteps of past explorers. These journeys not only inspire my writing, but they energize my soul and feed my need to seek out my next location of discovery.

Do you ever get scared when you’re on an adventure? What do you do to overcome it?
Fear is a natural feeling when treading in unexplored places, but we can’t allow for that fear to keep us from moving forward. The lost city could be right over the next hill or a great discovery around the next bend in the trail. The best way to defeat fear is to be prepared for any danger that may cross your path. When you know you have planned for everything, your mind is free to explore anywhere.

For Edgar was retirement scarier than anything else? Why is that?
Edgar is a man of action and adventure. He must always be on the move. Sitting still brings on a feeling similar to sea sickness to those not used to the rock and bob of the ocean. He chose to live at the Sterling Oaks Retirement Village for a very important reason, but in no way was it to sit back and await the end. You’ll just have to wait to read about his reason and why he must succeed in his mission.

What advice would you give to young explorers?
I tell young adventures to never settle and always question. Don’t be dust. Dust settles on the furniture until it is wiped away and thrown in the trash. It’s best to be the wind, traveling to remote regions of the world you never knew existed and whispering in the ears of people with amazing stories to share.

What’s next for Edgar? When are the next books in the series?
As I stated, Edgar never sits still for long. In the upcoming books in the series, Edgar will take you to unbelievable locations all over the world, introduce you to creatures you never thought possible, and open your eyes to magic and mysteries that will ignite the adventurer’s spirit in your heart. There are so many great adventures coming soon! I can’t wait to share them with you.

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