Holy Cats It’s Ted Meyer!

Ted Meyer’s Trio of Illustrated Cat Books Now Available of Rothco Press

Rothco Press is proud to announce the publication of 50 States of Cats, along with Deluxe Editions of Cats Around the World and The Butt Hello by artist and feline aficionado, Ted Meyer.

Praised by adults for its sly humor and kids of all ages for engaging portraits of kitties, 50 States of Cats takes readers on a fully illustrated, offbeat and hilarious state by state exploration of the USA. Featuring trivia and historical facts about each of your favorite states and the District of Columbia, each state is also given its very own representative portrait, cat-style.

In Cats Around the World Meyer’s inventive illustrations use feline forms to catalog countries and their customs in a style that is alternately silly and visually arresting.

Proving that to be a cat person, you definitely have to have a sense of humor is The Butt Hello. Its wry observations on the idiosyncrasies of kitties along with accompanying illustrations have been described as “Meow out loud”.

“I really like the idea of a picture book that not only has cute images of cats, but one that is filled with compelling knowledge that will appeal to both kids and adults and my goal is to have them learn and appreciate the historical symbols of each state”, says Meyer.

Combining his passion for art, the techniques he has learned throughout his career, and his ability to tell stories and to teach through his absorbing works of art, Meyer created a book that makes learning fun by awakening innate human curiosity and successfully commanding the human eye to explore those often overlooked details. Meyer, who has been in the companionship of cats since the age of five, has long identified with their solitary and reserved nature and pays tribute to all the cats he has lived with throughout his life by dedicating a full page of photos of all of them.

Says Rothco Press publisher, Christine Roth, of Meyer’s work, “We could not be prouder to be publishing 50 States of Cats. It’s an innovative take by an incredibly talented artist on a subject anyone who’s been anywhere in the USA can relate to…And it has cats. We dig cats here.”