Join Owen Husney on his “Famous” tour of Los Angeles. PREMIERE EPISODE

Driving with Owen Husney

Episode #1 – The Road To Warner Bros.

Meet Owen Husney and check out the first video promoting his new book: “Famous People Who’ve Met Me – A memoir by the man who discovered Prince.” Join Owen as he takes you on a #Prince #PurpleTourLA of locations from the book. Episode 1, takes you on a trip to Warner Brothers Records and tells the story of how two guys from Minneapolis made their way to Los Angeles. Owen’s memoir, “Famous People Who’ve Met Me,” is an outrageous collection of true stories starring oddball characters, behind the scenes gurus, scoundrels, and brilliant superstars in the music business straight out of Minnesota. The unique memoir does more than just recount tales; it’s a true in-depth character study as told through the eyes of musician, agent, concert promoter, and manager Owen Husney. The stories reflect not only his crazy, sometimes dark experiences but also his contributions to the world of music — from Elvis to Al Jarreau, Richard Harris to Yanni, Hendrix to K-Tel, Prince to The Revolution.


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