There are lost places everywhere, you just need to know where to look. America’s “Highway to Hell” where fire still burns underground, an entire region depopulated along the Delaware River with only the decaying buildings left to tell the story, the mysterious Native American mound cities that dot the southeastern landscape…and many more.

Join Matthew Bruen as he takes you to ten of America’s Lost Places

Keeper of Lost Places brings readers on a literary and photographic journey to ten lost American places. Each chapter provides rich historical, economic, and cultural contexts that help explain why each of these places became lost. Anchored by on-the-ground investigations, the book reveals the forgotten stories of places like the Minisink Valley, Centralia, the Smoky Mountains, among others. Intimate photographs transport readers to these ghost towns and ghost regions, showing their present conditions in evocative detail. Above all, Keeper of Lost Places illuminates the processes by which humans form, and then subsequently lose, the places that they once called home. So come along, hide your fear and disgust, open your hearts and mind, and you too will become a Keeper of Lost Places.

Keeper of Lost Places by Matthew Bruen. Coming this Summer to Rothco Press.