Lose Yourself in Frank Lauria’s Left Coast Noir “Fog City Blues.”

Fog City Blues Cover epubFog City Blues By Frank Lauria

Who is Max LeBlue?

Is he a rogue DEA agent on the run—or a pawn in a super charged chess game that ends with a lethal checkmate?

On the day of 9/11, drug-addicted agent Sam Devine is given a choice: face disgrace and dismissal from the DEA, or be declared legally dead. But he knows his only choice is to disappear and become someone else.

Max LeBlue lives off the grid in the Bay Area until he encounters a biker gang specializing in human trafficking. Instantly his low key lifestyle roars into high gear in this electrifying thriller that sweeps Max into an underworld of desperate women, transgendered dealers, upscale killers, and brutal psychopaths.


You can’t turn the first page of Fog City Blues without burning rubber, and it only accelerates from there to a climactic showdown with enough blood, bad guys with guns, hot motorcycles, and fast cars to make a movie like Serpico look like Sesame Street. – Lawrence G. Townsend