Romancing the Blarney Stone by Rick Lupert

Romancing the Blarney Stone by Rick Lupert

Romancing the Blarney Stone
Poems by Rick Lupert

I can’t think of a better book than this to comfort the jetlagged mind of a lonely traveler in a new country. Funny, observant and comforting, “Romancing the Blarney Stone” is a fine read from one of my favorite poets. ~ Amber Tamblyn, Author + Actress

A Rick Lupert travel book not only shows us the country visited, it shows us the naked absurdity of the world. Romancing the Blarney Stone gives us a detailed, humorous tour of Ireland, full of blarney, a little stoned (various quantities of fine Irish whiskey are consumed), and always entertaining. ~ G. Murray Thomas, Poet + Editor Next…Poetry Calendar

In this tremendous volume, Ireland, land of poets, plays host to Rick Lupert, an alien poetry invader from the not-quite-so-wild West. He brings with him a dry wit and a beautiful

economy in his words, but most of all he brings a penetrating insight into the giant mass

of contradiction that is modern Ireland. From a deceptively simple thread Lupert spins what becomes an almost Homeric epic odyssey across the island. I saw my own country through the culture-shocked eyes of a stranger who clearly loved it as much as it clearly confused

him too. A really great, funny, and perceptive verse cycle by a true poet. ~ Rodney Orpheus, Irish Author + Musician


Romancing the Blarney Stone

Somewhere in this universe
in this solar system
on this planet
on another continent
in a country surrounded by water
in a town there
in a castle there
there is a stone
a known stone
a kissed stone
a stone kissed by
more men and women
than Caligula
My lips are destined
for this stone
in that place
in all the places
that I mentioned
My lips
That stone
You’ll see.

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