Ted MeyerTed Meyer won his first art show at age 6 after copying a flamingo that one of the older kids drew.  The guilt of this image appropriation has followed him ever since. Ted started painting in 1987 when a friend gave him some paint for Christmas with a card that read, “You keep saying you are an artist, paint!” Seven months later Ted sold 8 of the 11 paintings exhibited in his first show. Since that first show, Ted’s work has been displayed in museums on 3 continents. Much of Ted’s paintings have been influenced by his dealings with the health care system and his own health problems. Born with Gaucher’s disease, often his earlier works depict contorted, pained and highly designed skeletal images. This series titled “Structural Abnormalities” was initially created in the months before his first round of hip replacements. In recent years, his work has shifted from “Ted-centric” to images that highlight other people’s health problems. His Scarred for Life, Monoprints of Human Scars series chronicles those events that suddenly changed people’s lives. Ted added photography to his skill set about 7 years go after a double hip replacement operation. Finding it too painful to stand and paint, he started creating images in photos that  mirrored his paintings, focusing on contours in multi-figure compositions. His current photo series “Girls on a Black Chair” again goes back to his painting and requires all his subjects to express themselves within the confines of a single shape, this time a tall high backed black chair. Ted is also a freelance designer, writer, photographer, and illustrator. He has written and illustrated 4 books. Shrink Yourself: The Complete do-it-Yourself Book of Freudian Psychoanalysis, The Butt Hello – And Other Reasons My Cats Drive Me Crazy, Cats Around the World, and Good Things You Can Learn from A Bad Relationship.  He is the owner of Art Your World, a full service design studio. Ted is a Visting Scholar at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington, DC. He has been the Guest Artist at the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine and has held teaching positions at Brooks College in Long Beach, CA and California State University at Northridge.  Ted also speaks to art, patient, and doctor groups on the effects of health on art.

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The Art of Ted Meyer