The Big Crush

"The Big Crush" by David J. Schow

“The Big Crush” by David J. Schow

The Big Crush by David J. Schow

Every computer in the world should have a button marked Take It Back.  A convenient time-travel option that permits the withdrawal of bad choices, or the elimination of the wrong keystroke for the fumble-fingered. Take It Back. Be careful what you wish for.

“In the words of a giddy preteen: I can’t even. THE BIG CRUSH is smart, violent, inventive and so goddamn L.A. it hurts. Ladies and gentlemen, David J. Schow has written his magnum opus — with emphasis on the “magnum” part. Hands down, my favorite thriller in years.” —Duane Swierczynski, Edgar-nominated author of CANARY

Spring 2016