The Lost Briefcase by David J. Schow

“The Lost Briefcase” by David J. Schow

The Lost Briefcase by David J. Schow

When advertising executive Conrad Maddox returns from a red-eye flight and finds a mysterious locker key waiting in his rental car, his curiosity prevails and he discovers a briefcase loaded with guns and money. Several hours later, his entire life tumbles down a rabbit hole when he meets Dandine, owner of the case and contract assassin for a shadowy organization called Norco… which is now out to nail both of them.

In the tradition of the Hitchcock-style “wrong man” spy thriller, with THE LOST BRIEFCASE, best selling author David J. Schow takes on the crime genre with a dash of post-cold war espionage conspiracy, a sprinkle of Hollywood secret history, and a whole lot of big guns…

Previously published as Internecine.

“Schow (The Lost Briefcase) works his usual narrative magic, larding his tale with loads of gun porn and spiking it with snappy repartee that gives it brisk forward momentum. This novel reads as not only an entertaining thriller but an incisive commentary on our image-obsessed culture and the difference between real-life and cinematic violence.”  — Publishers Weekly

Coming Spring 2016