“Mutt” by Shane McKenzie – “A Modern Day Outsiders with more violence.” – Weston Ochse

"Mutt" by Shane McKenzieMutt By Shane McKenzie

When Patrick, a White/Korean mutt who can pass for Latino, moves to a new town, he falls for Krystal, a seductive, fast-talking Mexican girl. Believing him to be Mexican, she invites Patrick to a party hosted by Los Reyes Locos, the reigning local gang. Little does Patrick know he’s been recruited. He survives the beating/initiation and is branded in blood and ink into the family, with Jesus, the god-like leader, calling the shots. El Rey’s means of teaching him the ropes the next day consists of Patrick bearing witness to murder and gang rape. Fearing for his life and already in too deep in his lies, his only way out is to fight with bloodied fists for the crown. A fast-paced action/suspense story right off the first page, Mutt’s protagonist takes us on a masochistic ride in his quest for love and ultimately, survival.

Praise for Mutt

“A Modern Day Outsiders with more violence.” – Weston Ochse, author Seal Team 666 and Grunt Life.

“Happy to see Shane McKenzie has finally released this as a stand-alone novella. It’s definitely one of his best.” – Wrath James White, author The Resurrectionist.

Shane McKenzie writes some great stuff. His new read ‘Mutt’ is out now. Dig his back cat on special too. This guy is the real deal! Load up that Kindle.” – Adrian Shotbolt